Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Illustrate This…

“Robert Biggs was enjoying a hike in north California, when he spotted a mother bear with a cub. He took a few moments to take in the sight, before he turned to leave. Only, nature wasn’t finished with him just yet. A mountain lion jumped onto Mr. Biggs’ back which caused him to collapse onto his knees. He then struck the lion on the head with a rock pick as he fought for his life. Then his hero intervened. The bear that Mr. Biggs was watching earlier, grabbed the lion and pulled it away from Mr. Biggs. The two large animals began to grapple. Only for the lion to wriggle out of the bear’s grasp and run away to fight hikers another day. Mr. Biggs did get some nasty cuts thanks to the lion, but without mamma bear around, it could’ve been much worse.”

*Please illustrate the above sentence using images found online & Photoshop (1280x720, tech spec attached).

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  1. If The Wizard Of Oz taught us anything, he was lucky to avoid the tiger.